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Frequently Asked Questions - General

Financing is available for qualified buyers. Please contact us for further information.

 Due to its diverse characteristics, high utilization rate, fuel efficiency, and reduced operational and infrastructure costs – as well as the appeal of the craft to riders and its ability to operate in areas where no other vehicles can go – the Dragonflight will prove to be the most competitive option when compared to conventional transportation methods. 

Please contact our office to further your inquiry. Demonstrations and rides are offered for serious buyers. Phone +1 (305) 904-3847 

 One of the major advantages of the Dragonflight is there are no moving parts underwater, so it is extremely safe for swimmers as well as all kinds of marine life – including coral reefs and sea grass. 

 In the United States, hovercraft are governed by the same regulations applicable to all other marine vessels. 

 The Dragonflight can be used in many areas, such as lakes, rivers, snow covered fields, ice planes, broken ice landscapes, mud and marshlands, and even on the ocean regardless of depth range. Dragonflight can operate upstream, can perform on land, and on water only one inch deep. 

 The Dragonflight is not driven…it is flown.  With that said, learning to fly a hovercraft is not difficult – but like any vessel – requires special instruction and training. We offer a comprehensive training program which will certify you and your pilots to fly your Dragonflight.

Above all else, a low Carbon footprint. The Dragonflight is constructed using anti-fouling paint, and designed for high efficiency. Its ecologically-minded design makes Dragonflight an eco-friendly alternative mode of transportation. And, because the vessel hovers above the ground there is no water displacement or disturbance to underwater marine life, coral reefs, or delicate sea grass. Also, unlike a boat, there is no water displacement eliminating shore erosion.Additionally, no docks or piers are required, meaning no infrastructure is needed – thus leaving pristine geographical locations untouched. 

Passenger Ferry Transportation

·        Cost effective transportation

·        High utilization rate and lowest cost of operation

·        No cost of infrastructure

·        Ability to arrive on any shore, with no docking or channels required

·        Capable of reaching inaccessible areas in an ecologically friendly manner.


·        Convenient (and sexy) way to get to your secluded island

·        Mode to tour and indulge in controlling destinations

·        Infrastructure-free transportation so you can explore areas surrounded by shallow waters that no other vessel can reach.

Rescue Craft

·        Capable of operating on diverse terrains or where unknown depth conditions and hidden objects under water make it difficult for any other vessel to attempt rescue missions

·        Multi-mission craft – Military, Border Patrol: Ability to reach places no other vehicle can go, with a fast and highly maneuverable vessel.

 One or more lift fans blow air under the hull of the craft. This air is contained by a skirt surrounding the vessel creating a cushion of air that raises the entire craft, and allows it to hover about 2 feet above any surface. The open bottom of the inflated air cushion allows the air to continuously flow outward. Thus, the only contact with the surface is air. The hovercraft is then propelled by thrust propellers at the rear of the craft. This zero draft technology craft creates no water displacement or friction, making it an extremely efficient vehicle.

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