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With the guidance of an experienced and well-rounded team that possesses knowledge ranging from the construction of lightweight FRP composite materials, to the technology and functionality of the integrated components, we’ve dedicated ourselves to a better understanding and development of the Dragonflight; the goal being to build crafts for use in multiple applications at the highest level of reliability and maneuverability. 

  • Military and Law Enforcement As a multi-mission craft – with spacious interior for cargo or equipment – the Dragonflight has the ability to reach places no other vehicle can even consider. This truly all-terrain vessel can be customized and configured to meet the requirements for military use, law enforcement agencies, Emergency Management agencies, National Guard disaster recovery, Coast Guard patrol, and Drug Enforcement and interdiction.
  • Delivery of equipment, cargo, or personnel right on shore, coupled with no wake signature, and no shallow water limitations make the Dragonflight a fast and stealthy craft.The Dragonflight can also be suited with armor protection and virtually any piece of law enforcement equipment. The craft is also invaluable on mine counter measures, as it produces no pressure nor any acoustic or magnetic signature; the cushion of air acts as a shield, absorbing shock waves of mines that may have been set off in the area surrounding the hovercraft.
  • Passenger Ferry 

    Congestion in Large Cities or Coastal Communities
    As a 30 passenger high-speed ferry, the Dragonflight is ideal for transportation in coastal communities, and can alleviate commuter congestion in large cities. The Dragonflight can traverse lakes, rivers, or inter-coastal waters.  And whether in summer’s heat or over winter’s ice and snow, Dragonflight is the ultimate mode of transport year-round.

    Fast Turnaround Time, Limiting Number of Trips
    Quick docking and departure, and efficient turnaround and take off at full speed translate into a higher utilization rate – thus allowing more trips and increased volume when carrying passengers.

    Low Cost of Operation Dragonflight has the lowest cost of operation of any vessel in its class. This, coupled with beneficial fuel efficiency, is just one more reason the Dragonflight is the ideal solution for a truly cost effective mode of transportation.


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