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Touring Excursion

Need for Comfortable, Private Transportation in Difficult to Reach Areas
The Dragonflight is your ecologically-safe transportation solution to reach remote or otherwise inaccessible destinations. For fishing, diving, or visiting deserted islands, this craft can open new frontiers for shallow water activities. With no underwater propellers to create risk of injury, travel by craft is safe for marine life and for swimmers alike, making it the ideal vessel choice for bonefish, angling, or ecotourism.
Concerns about grounding in shallow water are alleviated because the Dragonflight can maneuver in waters as shallow as 1 inch. This allows you to travel at a constant speed in a straight line, regardless of depth.
For private use as a luxury craft, the Dragonflight is ideal for customization as an RV camper or luxury vessel. The Dragonflight is the ultimate toy and the most convenient method to reach your ideal island spot. The spacious interior can be customized to meet specific needs or wants.

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