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HC420s and HC420f: Typical model for Touring / Excursion use or High Speed Ferry Craft:

Construction: 100% Anticorrosive FRP Composite Length: 42 Ft Beam: 20 Ft Draft: 0.1 Ft Ground Clearance: 18 or 24 inches Weight: 18,000 Lb Payload: 5500 Lb Capacity: 30 passengers Crew: 2

Performance: Cruising speeds: 35 knots at full payload 40 plus knots on light weight condition

Power: Dual (2x) electronically controlled Turbo Diesel engines Fuel capacity of 270 gallons Fuel Efficiency: 15 GPH (Gallons Per Hour) (approximately) Operation range: 350 Nautical miles (Nm) Thrust: Dual independent variable pitch propellers with reverse capabilities Lift: 2 x Double variable speed centrifugal fans for adjustable skirt pressure Built under ABS standards, approved by the USCG

Helm: Dragonflight Hovercraft are equipped with all required navigation instrumentation and electronics including: radars, GPS, attitude indicator, wind indicator, redundant radio system, VHF antennas, and directional search light. The Dragonflight Hovercraft has duplicity of every system for redundancy to enhance failure prevention. A double pilot set-up option is ideal for training purposes. Proven training courses for maximum control and safety can also be provided.

HC420m and HC420r: Multi-mission model - Military / Border patrol / Law enforcement or Rescue: These models can be ordered with the following modifications for additional control and maneuverability upon request. Length: 42 Ft Beam: 17 Ft Draft: 0.1 Ft Independent Power units for Thrust and lift are available upon request Dual (2x) electronically controlled Turbo Diesel engines for Thrust Dual (2x) electronically controlled Turbo Diesel engines for Lift

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