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Need for a Vehicle That Can Reach People Wherever They May be Located.
As a rescue craft, the Dragonflight can be deployed to areas that no car, boat, or plane can access.
The ability of the Dragonflight to traverse flooded areas, shallow waters, disaster zones, ice fields, and areas of unknown depth and water conditions allows for fast response –  making medical evacuations from remote locations or hard-to-reach areas possible when previously unfeasible.
Impossible to Reach Disaster Locations
Dragonflight can operate on ice (or broken ice), snow, or mud, with the ability to traverse over swamps, sandbars, rapids, or any other areas of unknown depth conditions that may contain hidden underwater objects that usually make it difficult for any other vehicle to attempt rescue. 
Emergency Management Agencies, hospitals, municipalities, or police and fire departments can respond swiftly to special situations located in difficult-to-access locations where no car, boat, or plane can enter.
Flooding Due to Hurricane or Tidal Wave
Risky submerged objects and other disastrous conditions often make rescue attempts difficult and dangerous. In the event of flood, hurricane or tsunami, this craft can prove invaluable for unknown terrain.

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