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Problem Solving

Problems become opportunities with Dragonflight Hovercrafts.




Congestion in cities Fast speed ferry on rivers, lakes, or intercoastal waters …year round.
Isolated communities Reach communities in isolated areas regardless of depth or infrastructure.
Harsh weather conditions Enclosed cabin for protection against elements.
Frozen waters stopping water taxi operations Transportation year round regardless of weather conditions.
Hard to reach places with shallow water Can navigate on flats, sand banks, and as little as 1 inch of water.
No docking or harbor infrastructure A great consideration when assessing the cost of the operation is the ability to load and disembark passengers with no cost of infrastructure or consideration of water depths for harboring and docking – no need for costly dredging or for constructing infrastructure like channels or docks.
Long channel forcing long idle speeds No need to stay in channels.
Long no wake zones or manatee zones No parts under water make this craft extremely safe for all kinds of marine life, including manatees.
Long routes due to navigation restrictions In shallow waters, the HC420 has the advantage of cruising at a constant speed in a straight line independent of water depths.
Risk of grounding Not possible with a hovercraft.
Expensive cost of operations Quick docking and departure, fast and easy boarding and disembarking, and quick turn around and take off at full speed translates into higher utilization rate – more trips and more volume when carrying passengers.
High fuel costs The HC420 has fuel efficiencies that give it the lowest cost of operation of any vessel of its class, making it the ideal cost effective mode of transportation. 
Corrosion and high maintenance costs

Unlike most hovercrafts which are made with aluminum, the composite FRP materials make this craft strong and lightweight while the non-corrosive property prolongs the life of the vessel and requires minimal maintenance.

Ecological concerns This high power-to-weight ratio craft means a light footprint on our earth.
Restricted marine preserve areas No parts underwater AND no exhaust gas discharge into the water make this craft extremely safe for all kinds of marine life, including coral reef and manatees.  With not need to use sonar and no other underwater sound source, it leaves marine life undisturbed. 
Shore erosion concerns No water displacement also means minimum wake, so there is no shore erosion or disturbance of coast lines.
Difficulty of training pilots The double pilot setup is also ideal for training purposes.  We will train you or your pilot with our intense and comprehensive proven training course for maximum control and safety. 


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