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Passenger Ferry

Congestion in Large Cities or Coastal Communities
As a 30 passenger high-speed ferry, the Dragonflight is ideal for transportation in coastal communities, and can alleviate commuter congestion in large cities. The Dragonflight can traverse lakes, rivers, or inter-coastal waters.  And whether in summer’s heat or over winter’s ice and snow, Dragonflight is the ultimate mode of transport year-round.
Fast Turnaround Time, Limiting Number of Trips
Quick docking and departure, and efficient turnaround and take off at full speed translate into a higher utilization rate – thus allowing more trips and increased volume when carrying passengers.
Low Cost of Operation
Dragonflight has the lowest cost of operation of any vessel in its class. This, coupled with beneficial fuel efficiency, is just one more reason the Dragonflight is the ideal solution for a truly cost effective mode of transportation.

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