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Undoubtedly, the best features of this craft are found in the ecological benefits.
Low Emissions, No Erosion, and No Shoreline Disturbance Make Dragonflight an Eco-friendly Transportation Alternative
No water displacement makes this craft more efficient than any boat its size. This translates into reduced gas emissions and a low carbon footprint.
Because there is no water displacement, there is minimum wake, resulting in zero shore erosion or coastline disturbance.
The versatility of this all-terrain vehicle also reduces the need for infrastructure in pristine locations because no ports or docks are required.
No Danger to Marine Life 
No underwater parts and no exhaust gas discharge into the water make this craft extremely safe for all kinds of marine life, including coral reefs, manatees, and sea grass.
With no underwater sound source – and absent the need to use sonar – underwater noise is not produced, thus leaving marine life undisturbed.
In short, this high power-to-weight ratio craft leaves a light foot print on our earth.
  • Low Carbon Footprint
  • High Efficiency
  • No moving parts under water
  • No sound source underwater
  • No pollutants / gas emissions in water
  • No anti-fouling paint required
  • No water displacement - no wake
  • No shore erosion
  • No infrastructure in pristine locations

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